2009 Project Managers

Please click these links to find the 2009 MMAP Project Prospectus and Project Report!

Arthur Cheung graduated Dux of Scots College (Wellington) in 2006, where he was also Captain of Lifesaving and Head of Music. In 2007, he began his studies at UQ, where he has tutored chemistry and human biology courses. He majored in Biomedical Science as an undergraduate (also undertaking a research project in influenza diagnostics), and began the medical component of his BSc/MBBS dual degree in 2009. He is currently a resident at St John’s College (UQ), where he is the College Proctor and convenes a number of cultural activities. Arthur has recently begun first aid volunteering with St John Ambulance Australia. A strong belief in the cause for international medical equality drives Arthur’s passion for the Manali Medical Aid Project.

Benjamin Treffene began studying medicine at the University of Queensland in 2009. He graduated from St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace in 2006. He passionately partakes in a wide range of cultural and physical endeavours. Last year, Ben worked as tutor for biology and chemistry courses at UQ, and has also worked in assorted office jobs and at a bike store, adjudicated with the Queensland Debating Union, and volunteered with St John Ambulance and the Terrace Night Van.