2011 Project Managers

The 2011 MMAP Project Prospectus can be found here!

Alison Fraenkel graduated from St Peters Lutheran College in 2006 and completed a QUT Bachelor of Biomedical Science in 2010 as the Dux of the course. Concurrent to her medical studies she is an employee at the Brisbane Eye Clinic. She has travelled widely throughout a number of developing countries, which has given her a heightened awareness of the global inequalities in health care. She eagerly anticipates the trip to Manali as a chance to become involved in an international and underprivileged community in a medical capacity.

Michael Lonne graduated from Indooroopilly State High School in 2005. He completed a Bachelor of Sciences majoring in Biological Chemistry at UQ and entered the university’s medical program this year. Having witnessed personally the social inequalities that plague places like Manali during his travels throughout India and Nepal in 2009, Michael is eager to return and lend a helping hand within the community.

Mikaela Fein grew up in New York and graduated from University of Vermont in 2008 where she studied biology and anthropology, After working as a researcher for a year at Massachusetts General Hospital, she moved to Brisbane to undertake her Masters in International Public Health at UQ. In 2011, she began studying medicine at UQ and is excited to leave the classroom and gain some first hand experience in global health.