2016 Management Committee

James Huelin has a mechanical engineering background and enjoys motorcycling, working on vehicles and building things. James is really looking forward to visiting India for the first time, contributing as much as he can to LWH and participating in community health promotion and outreach clinics.

Matthew McMahon has completed a Bachelor of Science and is passionate about international healthcare equality. Matthew has played a lot of sports so will be a keen competitor in cricket, soccer and basketball competitions at LWH.

Serena Kosciejew is the female and Canadian of the team. Serena is a former competitive athlete and loves the outdoors. Serena has participated in a number of charitable works including camps for children with paediatric cancers, and she is excited to embrace Northern India and engage with the staff and patients at LWH.

Henry Zimmerman is one of six siblings and grew up surfing on the beach. He also plays the guitar so is set for a few jams with the LWH staff. Henry is passionate about equal access to healthcare for all people of all backgrounds, as well as education to improve the level of health for everyone in the community.