About the Lady Willingdon Hospital

The Lady Willingdon Hospital is a charitable institution based in Manali, Himachal Pradesh serving the people of Kullu Valley and the surrounding regions (pop. 472,000). The hospital provides 24-hour primary and secondary medical and surgical care distributed across three small buildings. There are about 55 beds and approximately 95 staff members, including 8 doctors. The work at the hospital is seasonal, with months from April to December being the busiest. Staff annually manage 40,000 outpatient casesadmit 3,000 cases, and perform 700 major surgeries.


Community and Public Health

In addition to providing primary healthcare delivery, the Lady Willingdon Hospital works to improve the health of the Manali community through engagement activities that extend beyond the hospital grounds.

These special programs include health and surgery clinics to remote villages; vaccination, health education, nutritional assessment, and medication for orphans and thousands of school children; and training programs for health workers to monitor and promote community health.

At the Lady Willingdon Hospital, no patients are turned away due to insufficient financial resources, caste, religion, age, or sex.

Patients who can afford to pay help to subsidise those who cannot. While there are many patients with adequate resources, there remains a need for additional funds for ongoing expenses and capital investment. The hospital relies on the support of local and international donors to allow for its programming to continue.

Community Networks

The influence of the Lady Willingdon Hospital spreads into the community and aims to create a holistic health model. Community programs keep people healthy, engage people in service delivery, and provide more accessible options for people to access primary care.

For more information on the Lady Willingdon Hospital, visit their website and blog.